"The Island 44-45" De Spees at Opheusden 10-2022

In order to make the war story of the Betuwe more widely known, a number of organizations have joined forces. By using this collaboration and by using everyone's specialty, the story is highlighted from various angles.


Dwell on existing and newly erected monuments. 


By maintaining museums and giving lectures.


Through public events, all facets from the Betuwe are covered in the period 44-45. The professional and educational design creates an educational whole.

The Island transparant

"Hot Spots"

The Island, the story of 200 days of battle in the Betuwe after Market Garden

Sept 44, which will be the beginning of liberation, however, will not be a celebration. It's going to be a nightmare, a big disappointment. The goal of the plan is not met and the losses are enormous. The Over Betuwe has been liberated, but there is no liberation feast. On the contrary, a long period of suffering begins, as much as 198 days of battle honor in the area of liberated can be spoken. And there won't be a party. The inhabitants are still elsewhere, far from home and often only come home after weeks or even after months. And the deception when we get home is huge. It turns out that there is not much to celebrate. They come in their own environment, but in an unrecognisably destroyed area where there is not much left of their home and hearth. There is now nothing left and reconstruction will take years.