Have fun cycling in the Overbetuwe with the new WWII cycle route.

For sports enthusiasts, who not only nature but also something from the Second World War in our region, there is a new Exodus WWII cycle route. This is the fourth bike brochure in a row. The ceremony took place during the day of the Park Lingezegen on 29 June. Hanny Harrewijn was a courier and handed over the leaflet coming from a jeep to Mrs Josan Meijers, who is the driver of the park.

On behalf of the municipality, the aldermen Peren and Janssen were also present.
The tour has a length of almost 28 kilometers and the starting point is the Memorial Chapel on The Hill in Bemmel. However, the bike ride can be started at several points.

The route goes along the Front Line path that runs parallel to the Linge. Via the Patrol Panels route one goes via Huissen over the dike to Elden. Via De Praets one returns via the Zeegbos and Park Lingezegen.
There the striking WORLD WAR II monument De Vleugel with information panel is visited.
Then one returns via the Airbornepad to the Chapel.

De brochures liggen binnenkort bij de VVV en zijn te downloaden via de sites van de Liberation Route en www.exodustocht.nl.
The roadmap can be downloaded here: routekaart Exodustocht

The first cyclists were very positive about this newest addition in our region.