The story of the Betuwe

September 2019 will be 75 years since Operation Market Garden took place. An operation that was supposed to be an instigator of the destruction of Nazism that would result in our liberation. But the operation ended in failure. Great losses were suffered, many lives were sacrificed with a long period of misery as a result for the Betuwe. For the Overbetuwe was freed, but there was no celebration. No less than 198 days have been fought, defended and attacked in and around our area. With events and situations that have continued to revere for years and are still felt among the people even today. This year, activities will take place in various provinces in the context of 75 years after Market Garden and finally the celebration of 75 years of liberation in 2020. There are also initiatives in the Betuwe. With the peak of THE ISLAND 44-45 in October. This is going to take place in a very nice location and very close. It will be a grand event spread over several days where a wide variety of activities will take place. Both military and civilian life at that time receive attention and the main events are cited. Think of the evacuations, the underwater, the war, the air war, the resistance, the reconstruction. An event with an attention to remembering, realizing and experiencing where respect and education are very important. The event will take place on and near Schoonderlogt Estate. A special location that is world famous, thanks in part to the TV series Band of Brothers. On this estate there was a headquarters and the residence of many men. A famous scene from the series is shot here. A large army camp is being built on the estate. Hundreds of re-enactors come to depict both military and civilian life from that period. There will be many vehicles, original war equipment and various displays in which the actors show the life of that time. There will be weapons demonstrations, a hospital, there will be priests, radio stations, an exercise site, cannons and tanks, people of the resistance and underground, the evacuation is being represented and much more. There will be education days for the primary schools and a large museum with real museum pieces from that period, in which the story of the Betuwe is depicted through many displays. For the audience there is much, much to see and experience. It will be a uniquely large event for Gelderland. Paratroopers will be dropping and a special monument will be unveiled as a highlight. Furthermore, the most special locations in the region are highlighted and tours are organised along many of these locations. In some historical locations, the events of that time are depicted in so-called Mockbattles. The re-enactors are going to re-enact as original and identical as possible the act of war of then. Furthermore, every evening in the central tent a programme is organized such as lectures, performances, music evenings and meetings with tailored themes and there will be a special room in which the many soldiers and civilians killed in the Betuwe are commemorated. Children can make a memento here and leave a message in memory of those who fell. 
There's contact with multiple veterans. Men who fought here at the time. All helplines are deployed to get them here. Support is welcome, very welcome to be able to achieve this. We want to give our liberators one more chance to celebrate our freedom together and to remember what they have done for us. We would like to thank them one more time for the freedom we can live in to this day.
Dat wij nooit mogen vergeten.